Can eating healthy stop snoring?

A lot of people want to know if there is any sleep apnea treatment without cpap machines. The answer is, yes there is. But its generally not as effective. The air pressure of a cpap machine is what keeps your throat open. One of these methods is to control your eating. While the foods you eat don’t have a direct effect, they can still help. If you eat less fattening foods, you will lose weight. This has been known to lessen snoring.

When you loose weight, you are usually getting rid of fat. There is a lot of fat in and around your throat that tends to push things around. With that gone, it will relax everything in your throat and allow the air way to remain open at night.

Another widely known method is to drink water before bed. Sometimes snoring is caused by your throat drying up. The air passing through causes vibration against the opening of the airway. You may need to do this a few times at night.